My father was a National Rally Champion, so i was dreaming with racecars while sleeping in racing shops since i was a child. More than 20 years passed and i had the unique opportunity to do engineering for the most important aerospace companies in the world and at the same time design, build and race my own cars. Last but not least I was able to support many friends in their "Need for Speed" pursuit.


- 2020 NASA SE RRR Winners
- 2019 JAMAICA Carnival of Speed Winners
- 2018 NASA SE Super Unlimited Champions
- 2016 NASA Summer Shootout Overall Winner
- 2015 NASA Summer Shootout ST3 Winner
- 2014 NASA Summer Shootout 3rd Place
- 2013 KART MARRS - Champion
- 2012  KART MARRS - 2nd Place
- 2003 Antioquia ST Championship (8 Valves) - Champion
- 2003 Bogota 6 Hours (8 Valves)  - 2nd Place
2001 Antioquia ST Championship (8 Valves) - Champion
- 1995  Mobil Karting Driving School - Winner