Radical Sportscars

Niko Racing became the aftermarket parts choice for Radical Sportscar owners.

If you are tired/frustrated with the Radical life limited replacement parts, we have a solution for you.

Do you want to convert your car to a sigle seater????? 

Do you want to increase front grip???? 16' Front Wheel Conversion

Do you want to go faster and cheaper??? CNC Uprights, HD Axles, Fiber Glass/Carbon Fiber Body 

We are here to support you!!!!!!

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Thunder Roadster

We decided to build a Thunder Roadster in 2014. At that time we realized that the car had some weaknesses and there was not good solutions for those problems. So we decided to develop one of the fastest TR in the country and the only one of  its kind.

If you want to have the best TR do not hesitate and contact us.




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