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Revolution appoint their fourth Certified Dealer in the USA


Revolution Race Cars is thrilled to announce the addition of Bliss Racing to our esteemed roster of Certified Dealers in the USA. As the latest authorized dealer for Revolution Race Cars, Bliss Racing, a prominent racing team based in Savannah, Georgia, brings a wealth of expertise to the dynamic world of motorsports.

Focusing in the South East region, particularly North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, Bliss Racing, under the leadership of founder Hans Bliss, is set to elevate the Revolution Race Cars experience for enthusiasts in the area. Hans, a highly accomplished aerospace and automotive engineer/driver with over two decades of racing experience, established the Roebling Road Raceway Service Center in Savannah, Georgia, three years ago.

Adding to the team's prowess is Xi Zhu, affectionately known as "Sonic," who serves as Bliss Racing's performance engineer. Boasting 18 years of industry experience as a design engineer, fabricator, and race mechanic, Sonic has earned a stellar reputation for his unwavering commitment to excellence. His enthusiasm and dedication to his craft make him a valuable addition to the Revolution Race Cars family.

Together, Hans and Sonic showcase an unwavering passion for advancing the world of motorsports. Their commitment extends beyond the track, as they actively support track day enthusiasts and racing drivers on their journey. This not only enhances the overall racing experience but also contributes significantly to the growth and success of the racing community in the area.

Situated at Roebling Road Raceway, Bliss Racing is strategically positioned to be the ideal Revolution Race Cars dealer in the South East USA. Their combined skill set, coupled with their track side location, ensures that Revolution enthusiasts in the region receive top-notch service and support. We are excited to welcome Bliss Racing to our global network of Certified Dealers, and we look forward to the continued success and growth of Revolution Race Cars in the South East USA.

Hans spoke about this exciting news: 'We are very excited to represent the brand in the South East and we knew Revolution Race Cars was the right brand for us when an owner told me: 'My car (500SC) has never had any problem at my home track (Sebring). Every time I have a question, I set an appointment and if needed their engineers log into the car. When I need parts, I call, and they arrived on time. I haven't had that reliability/support/customer service with any brand of race car before. They are second to none!"'.

Nigel Redwood, Revolution's Head of Sales & Marketing, expressed great enthusiasm about the recent appointment, stating, "We are thrilled to forge a partnership with Bliss Racing in the USA. With certified dealers already established on the West Coast, Texas, and the North East, our expansion into the South East marks another exciting chapter. The USA stands as our fastest-growing market, and securing certified dealers with a blend of experience, commitment to training, and a willingness to maintain stock is paramount in ensuring our customer base in the USA receives unparalleled support. I am genuinely looking forward to collaborating with Hans and Sonic on this exciting project."


About Revolution Race Cars

In the ever-evolving realm of motorsport, a noticeable rift has emerged between top-tier series with a 'cost no object' philosophy and the amateur level motorsport enthusiasts. The former pushes technology to unprecedented levels, often leaving the latter and manufacturers lagging behind.
Revolution Race Cars has taken up the challenge to bridge this gap. Our mission is to bring cutting­ edge technology and the very highest safety standards within reach of the broader motorsport community, ensuring that innovation is not confined to the elite


The Revolution is an innovative track and race car conceived, designed, developed and built by racers for racers. A car that brings Le Mans Prototype technology and safety to the masses, and the first truly affordable sports racer with a carbon tub and cutting-edge technology. The Revolution is a true two­ seater and it is set to change the landscape for race and track driving enthusiasts the world over.


The Revolution is a lightweight sports car that packs a punch up to 500bhp from its dry-sump Ford V6 engine. Proven reliability is a key component within this package. Its performance is matched with some of the lowest running costs. Fitted with a unique exhaust system and fine engine tuning it also comes with ultra-sharp throttle response and a brilliant soundtrack. It is mated to a 3MO 6-speed gearbox utilising WRC technology to again provide reliability and ease of use. It's easy-to-maintain, cost-effective to run and has accessible handling and performance. It can be enjoyed and exploited by all levels of driver, from those wishing to enjoy track-days, to those on a career path to Le Mans. We are not challenging the status quo, we are re-defining it!


The Revolution Cup (North America)

The Revolution Cup is a championship within the Prototype Sprint Series Association (PSSA). The PSSA is dedicated to showcasing prototype race cars in an exhilarating sprint race format. These races take place at some of the most iconic road courses in America.

The 2024 season promises even more action with the introduction of East, West, and Constructor's Championships, as well as the inclusion of new venues that will further elevate the competition.

There are big prices on offer too. The PSSA awards a generous $10,000 prize to the overall points champion, and the victor of the Revolution Cup has the enticing option to exchange their championship-winning car for a brand-new Revolution 500 EVO!


For further information, contact:­
• Nigel Redwood
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• Hans Bliss
+1 (316) 737 4443
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